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Have I mentioned lately how perfectly adorable my husband is sometimes?


So, last night the boys and dogs came home after spending a few days at Lotus's (and TT's) house - supporting and comforting her though her procedure and fears.

MrS is giving me an "I'm home!" we are pulling apart (so I can go greet Dude)... his face lights up in this astonished happy GRIN: "She kissed me!" (If he was a wiggler, he would have wiggled - if I was a 'puter-savvy chick I would put a clip here of that scene from "The Princess Bride" where Buttercup kisses the king and says "...I won't be seeing you again since I'm killing myself once we reach the honeymoon suite. " - and the king turns and says to his wife "...She kissed me!..."

I hug him again - he is SOOO CUTE - "Like, did she kiss you 'good-bye'..." (she has been working up to getting him used to this) - "... or did she "kiss you" - kiss you?" "She KISSED me!" "Did she kiss you all warm and soft and sweet and ...?!" His eyes go wide, and he nods - all smiles, and astonished-like. (I wiggle for him, give him an extra squeeze and go to greet Dude).


(I don't really know why MrS is always so surprised when sexy girls want to be with's not like it's that uncommon...he's just so oblivious sometimes!)


For the record: kissing Lotus is a special treat in "extra-sexy". Harkens back to my first experience kissing a girl (MrS's ex-GF, SweetPea, that sexy little harlot!) - and how wonderful, and different (to kissing boys) it was. Soft, warm, vulnerable, sweet, intoxicating...and SOOOO...feminine - you can just melt into kisses like that!

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