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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
It's pretty easy, he wants to monopolize you. I know that's how I feel about my own wife. It's really not easy to go from the assumption that your life is monopolized to one where it isn't.
Exactly, Spock! So I applaud that's he's come so far out of his comfort zone out of love for and understanding of me. I knew he was a regular joe when I fell in love with me, he knew I was a wild card. We both took our chances.

He works crazy hours, so I have a lot of time where he's out of the picture. Our social life is only sometimes intertwined, but we go out a lot separately too. We aren't one of those couples who are always together, or who only hang with other couples. My good friends know when I'm seeing someone, and they 're discreet. So far, I've mostly managed to keep worlds from colliding (except in the very beginning when it was a bit mess.) But inevitably, at some point, he's going to go from not exactly knowing if I am, to KNOWING I AM. He says he's preparing himself for that inevitability too. I've got to trust him, I have no reason not to.

But I don't want to derail HELLOKITTY's post! But it is a very similar situation. If DADT is do-able for the OP depends on many factors, internal and external.

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