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What I have gleaned is it is good to let someone I date know that I see other people. I have a better understanding now that I could discuss with my current partners what I am OK with them sharing about me to others and what I am not OK with. Then it is up to them to manage their other relationships as they see fit.
Correct. And same for you. It is up to YOU to manage YOUR relationships how YOU see fit.

It is in the word -- "relationship." It implies some back and forth exchange thing going on. Best to ask all participants their preferences for relating, and share relevant information up front so everyone can know where things stand and assess where they might want to go together.

See if things line up or what and not be shy about just putting it out there.
  • Person A would like X best. Is ok with Y.
  • Person B would like Y best, hates Z that is a total dealbreaker, could consider H.
  • Person C loves X, Y, and Z. Never heard of H.

Well, what could line up for all these 3 people is Y then. If they all want to participate in that, great! If not, don't then. Thank each other for their time and consideration and move on.

To sort yourselves out to see where compatibilities lie -- part of the purpose of dating, right? To find the compatible people that want similar to you at this time and if you like it, you make another date. If not, you don't.

Disappointment that things don't line could happen. But it is sorted -- not actually compatible here. Thanks. Then people move on. Not the end of the world.

Upon reflection that seems to be the only rational way to proceed. I suppose if certain relationships blossom as we all hope then other discussions could happen. IE time sharing, special events, etc.
Yes, more conversations could happen in a continuing relationship. You don't just relate once and that's it. It isn't a severed relationship -- it's a continuing relationship, right?


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