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Default Note to self

I was re-reading a blog entry I wrote a few years ago, and noticed I'd written this:

the kind of relationship I want from a life partner is someone who I can team up with whole-heartedly to enrich not only our own lives, but the community around us.
That is a great summary of something that is very important to me. I wonder how clearly I've communicated that to people in my life who are growing to be my life partners. Are they inspired by a similar vision? It could manifest in many ways, eg neighbourliness, shared meals, performing art. Whenever the flourishing is outwards, not merely self-serving. I know what it is when I'm doing it.

Also, do I give myself enough space to keep focused on this personal priority? Or do I fall back to the easier default of caring for myself and close family and friends, but not beyond this?

Some thoughts to reflect on.

I'm open to learning more about how other people see the world, the different realities of experience, and letting my dreams be influenced by that insight. But there's a non-negotiable in amongst that, a scent that's caught me, that I want to follow...

I know that the people closest to me get that. I have that confidence, at least.

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