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Lobe arrives in just over 8 hours! Anticipation. He's here for four nights... FOUR nights... Yeah. I'm all rainbows.

Today's my last full day home alone. Tonight: Lobe's here, til Tuesday morning. Tuesday to Thursday I have a fairly full schedule, including flying out Thursday evening. Then I fly back the next Tuesday with Ocean (who's still away).

Having the place to myself has been, and is, divine.

There's some chance that Ocean will be away for an extended period later on this year, from April to July. Well, he has a possible conference end April, in a city where he has relatives he can stay with, which is also a place he has wanted to live in for a while. Mid-July I have a couple of big family events in a nearby country (my grandma's 100th birthday and my brother's wedding), which Ocean is invited to. So, if he gets to go to the conference, I'll be pestering him to stay on for a few months, between that and the family thing. He thinks it'll be a good idea, but may need some encouragement

It's very early days, yet, but the possibility of spending 2-3 months home alone, makes me very gleeful indeed.

I'm surprised by this... I've always felt drawn towards communal living (and I have enjoyed my share-house experiences, very much) but living alone is also quite joyful! I feel myself becoming stronger, more self-reliant. It's like an ongoing version of travelling alone.

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