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I know you are very upset and hutring dagypsy. I am not sure how I would feel if I was in the same situation. But our situation is quite the opposite. I am the one who has the poly tendency, not my husband. He is not interested in a threesome (well maybe if it was 2 gals, but I'm not interested in that) and he doesn't get off being cuckolded. So what does he get out of "letting" me explore this part of me? He hadn't seen me this happy in a long time. Did he accept it right away, hell no. But he was open minded enough to at least look at it and see it through my perspective.

I don't mean to hijack this thread so I will post a reply to your situation on your thread dagypsy.

To the original discussion...Being jealous has basically been bred into us as a species. We are taught that there is never enough to go around and that breeds jealousy. We want what someone else is getting, we don't want them to have it because then we can't have it. In a way, feeling jealous is natural, but it is also combatable.

OP: It sounds like you have figured out the root of your jealousy, time. Time, unfortunately, is one of the few things that is limited. Talk to him about it, not just yourself (or here). Tell him how you feel. Communication really is the key to making this or ANY relationship work.
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