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Default jealousy...

It seems to me that in many cases, woman number one settles for what she gets. The man is off being in love and using cutesy names and spending more and more time with number two and meantime, the cherished woman number 1 sits at home, is jealous, fights back tears, and is hurt. This doesn't sound like a lifestyle. It's a man doing what he damned well pleases while trying to justify it to his wife. I just don't get it. I am leaning more toward giving up than working as part of a three man team. Woman number one does a lot of compromising and settling with what she gets. I don't get the feeling that these are balanced relationships. Many of these poor women are just holding on to a thread and it seems cruel to me that these husbands believe this a satisfactory arrangement for everyone. Reading these discussion boards is depressing me even more. I know he loves me but I am not enough anymore. It takes woman number two to make him feel masculine now. And when he gets tired of that woman, woman number three can't be far behind.
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