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I'm not much of an expert at bookmaking, but based on the type of insight you are seeking for your libertarian woman, I would say immerse yourself well in this forum. I suppose relationship perspective is what you'll be using the most, and so, the Poly Relationships Corner would be the board you'd want to explore the most.

You'll find that there's a wide range of contrasting opinions here, in spite of everyone having in common an interest (and usually participation as well) in polyamory. People also have quite a range of styles of how they (would like to and/or do) practice polyamory in their lives. So essentially you'll want to choose which "shade of poly" you want to paint your female protagonist. There's a lot to choose from.

If you have any questions along the way feel free to post; also you can do searches (including tag searches and advanced searches) for key words and the like.

Good luck in your endeavor.
Kevin T.
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