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Originally Posted by elsa View Post
I don't know how to tell him this because I feel guilty I've had success and he hasn't had any. What do I do?
STOP! Your success in getting sexual partners has nothing to do with the fact that the two of you can't communicate. So drop the guilt and deal with the actual problem, which has nothing to do with who can get laid more often. This is a communication issue.

Start by saying exactly what you have said here: "I'm hurt that you won't share your feelings with me and I'm hurt that you won't include me in you interests." More than likely, he is going to respond back with the fact that you have shown no interest in the past, so he quit trying or such. I know from experience, it absolutely no fun to be doing something when you know your partner is there only out of obligation is likely bored and not enjoying themselves.

The two of you together have to agree to try and avoid making assumptions. When you start to "assume" his actions mean something, stop and get clarification. Tell him straight out that him seeking a "relationship" behind your back has you scared.
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