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Originally Posted by nogardehtmai View Post
I am Pagan and recently began my first real poly relationship (started with swinging etc) in my experience most of the pagans I have met are open to poly or at least tolerant of it. As many groups use the quote "An it harm none do as thou will" Poly fits that ideal fairly well. Poly is very much about communication and sharing not only love but thoughts and feelings. It can be scary to "come out" to friends but if they truly love you then they will accept you no matter what. If they don't well that's their problem IMHO.
My experience has always been similar. As a whole, Pagans tend to be very open-minded, especially since our mainstream culture openly demonizes us. I've never, ever met a Pagan who had any qualms with polyamory or any kind of orientation, other than it not being fit for them. From what I can tell, the Pagan community tends to be very sex-positive and socially liberal.

The only thing that I have noticed that neo-Pagans aren't always so tolerant about is recreational drug use, even if it is safe or done for the sake of chemognosis/trance work. In particular, I've noticed Wiccans tend not to use or abuse drugs as much as other people. In college, whenever I would have a "Pagan party," I NEVER had to worry about running out of booze. But that is another subject ENTIRELY. My friend's sister was Wiccan and claimed

I should probably establish that I've been a practicing Pagan for over 12 years and I am highly cognizant of the fact that not all Pagans are Wiccans. However, the earliest tradition of Wicca (Gardnerian) prohibited homosexuals from joining covens because they were "unbalanced" or some other bullshit like that. I think it ended quickly. Then again, that isn't polyamory and there was a lot of sexual openness otherwise. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

But yeah, I've read your comments and some of them actually contradict my experiences but wow, I never confronted that kind of close mindedness in regard to someone else's life decisions that don't harm anyone. I've met some that thought it was weird or simply not for them, but it never made them uncomfortable with my partner(s) or myself.
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