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Default Head spinning. Every day is a different adventure.

This will be my blog about the poly relationship I am in with a girl that I will simply call M. I am 42, male, straight, divorced with no kids, and lean monogamous. M is 20 years old, female, pansexual, never married, and polyamorous. I live in the house I inherited from my father, trying to make a living as an attorney, though things are slow. I rent out several rooms to make ends meet. M is a model with sporadic photoshoots, who lives at home with her parents and 18 year old brother.

M and I met when we were both enthralled with other people, but felt ourselves deeply connected. At the time, we were both heavily in the BDSM community. Myself as a D-type. Herself as an s-type. Our first date was absolutely magical, lasting for 3 days, and moving from butterflies across a Waffle House table, to holding each other and not wanting to let go as we watched the sun rise. In fact, after I left, she called me to come straight back (it's a 30 min drive) because she felt medically uneasy at my leaving. I did just that and calmed her down in a way she said she'd never felt before.

At that time she had a long-distance relationship with someone I'll call TB. TB had met her about a year prior in another town. She fell in love as he perhaps did, but really all that remained of their interaction was that he had her collared in a BDSM relationship (He was her Daddy), and she took the bus to see him once a month or three. She was afraid she was losing him and we bonded over my unrequited love for a girl I had just gotten out of a BDSM relationship with.

Despite our pinings, we had so many things in common - a love for food and travel and fashion, as well as the same sense of humor and must of the same pop-culture entertainment. She was always up front about being poly. She had even enforced that with TB, saying that she could date whomever she wanted. Having never dated anyone poly, I asked what that meant and she said that she "was able to date and love whomever she wanted and still date and love other people." I get it. You date around and have sex and develop feelings even for these people. All at the same time. Honestly, at the beginning I still was enthralled with my prior BDSM partner and could see me loving both of them at the same time. I got it and decided it was something I wanted because I was (and still am) really into M.
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