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The threads are weird. Some I can go back and edit and some I just can't.

I forgot to put above about the disconnect. Another issue I had, my crap I have to deal with, was that on Tuesday bassman took princess to daycare (yes it's her normal day but I stated my concern Monday evening that she needed time to acclimate being back home and with how late we did get home after our long drive {she was in the vehicle from 3 until 9:45 pm) and when she did fall asleep, I did not want her at daycare. Bassman had informed me he felt the need to see Wild Orchid the next day (yes they had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday morning together) and he needed to see her Tuesday.

I let him know this had upset me Tuesday and most of yesterday. Monday night it was obvious we both weren't reconnecting and to me, Tuesday, even though I was at work during the day, if he was serious about us, that this need to see Wild Orchid again put her before us, before me. He can't change his choice but he can have some sort of empathy of my side of it. And months from now I'll probably laugh at myself yet at that moment of our disconnect, how am I suppose to feel he really wants to connect with me if his need was her and not me? We did not make love Tuesday. After last nights talks, we did make love and it was awesome!
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