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Default Oh, poor darling...

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I really despise how people refuse to accept the reality that men are abused too and men are often subject to further torture by being humiliated or otherwise degraded by law enforcement and other people who should be professionally and/or personally supportive. This also applies to all emotional abuse... Once, my female friend called an abuse hotline and because her clearly abusive ex wasn't beating her, the operator on the domestic violence hotline had the audacity to tell her that she wasn't being abused. I TRULY hope you can find trustworthy people and organizations to help you. There is a domestic violence hotline in Maine that gives its volunteers specific training to help male survivors of abuse.

Depending on when you call, you might be talking to me.

The truth is that your brain actually doesn't differentiate between physical and emotional pain. For the most part, nerves do that.

Take care. You deserve so much better.
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