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It's obvious to me that she totally wants into his pants and will never be happy with platonic anything. Clearly, the "reward" she wants is to ride his dick and make him a conquest. Some people get into poly and think it's about "collecting partners" -- and unfortunately there is little substance in those relationships, but the person can boast about having a lot. She doesn't sound like a good candidate for friendship or a relationship, because she dismisses what she is told and is quite aggressive about getting what she wants despite what others' preferences or requests are. She sounds like a big ol' bag of drama.

If I were him, I'd unfriend her on Facebook or adjust security levels there so she can't see his posts or pictures, and avoid contact with her. I never understand why people connect to strangers or others they barely know on FB, where questionable folks could see all their personal stuff. Doesn't make sense to me. But anyway, yeah, she crossed the line.

If he wants to build friendships, he can find potential friends almost anywhere, so he shouldn't feel desperate to hold on to this as if she's his last chance for a friend. And it seems to me that he needs to work on developing and improving his ability to size people up.
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