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ak - my husband has a nickname for his girlfriend too and it pisses me off. Why does she get one and I don't? We were young when we met and he was just a typical guy - he didn't believe in cutesy things like nicknames which is why we never gave them to each other. Now, he is much more loving, tender and romantic - he's just a different man now. He also uses other cutesy terms for her - but I am going to assume that's due to the NRE that he is feeling for her. He said he would give me one - but that just feels forced and I don't really need one to know I'm cherished - but it does piss me off that she has one. I hate when I hear it or see the word. But I'll get over it eventually.

I'm at work and just talked to him - and he is meeting her for lunch. A little bit of jealousy has surfaced and I'm trying to talk myself out of it. The jealousy is not just that they are having lunch - but it's because they had Thursday and Friday together, they were out Monday night until 3:00am and now lunch today - she is seeing him more than I am. That's what bothers me. I'm not mad - because obviously I am at work and can't complain about what he does if it's not taking time from me - but it just bothers me when my husband sees his girlfriend more than me. The jealousy is slight and will go away quickly. Months ago - this would have sent me into a fit of jealousy, anger and a lot of crying. I'm seeing emotional progress and that feels good!

Have a great day - Kat
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