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But in regards to the "competition" and how you "stop feeling like that" it might help if you viewed the conflict from a perspective of being a mindless puppet ! Because that's how modern society and the media treat us. As mindless drones ready for programming !
And most of this pain, competition etc is a testament to their success !

So how do you break it ? Maybe get fed up with being their mindless puppet and make a conscious choice that you will think (and react) to situations based on the TRUE facts in front of you as opposed to the lies and half truths you've been fed. It's a quest for independence and self definition.

The only way I know...........
But it IS a leap !
Thank you GS - I do agree with you but it is hard to do. I am working on opening my mind up to new ways of thinking. I am trying to not react so quickly to my emotions but to look at things as they truly are, to look at the facts. It's a process but one that is worth every effort.
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