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Default Plus Signs?

Okay curiosity overwhelmeth me ...

When I go to the main page -- -- and scroll down to the bottom of the page -- the, "What's Going On?" block. And within that block there's, "Currently Active Users." Now there's a certain amount of color coding (red, blue, green) in the various users' handles, which I think is to help scan for spam though I'm not 100% on that. But what's really got me discombobulated is: some users' handles have a plus sign (+) right next to them. And, it's always the same users who have it.

At first I thought it signified which users had registered before I did. But then I saw some handles of users that had registered before I did -- who didn't have the plus sign next to their handle. So it couldn't be that ...

How much light can you mighty mods and admins shed upon this niggling mystery? Does it have something to do with spam scanning? Is it a sign of great honor? If so, surely I should have one. Is it like a Sneetches' stars upon thars? I wanna star upon thars. How can I get one?

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