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Originally Posted by jeb View Post
Ok my name is Jacqueline. I am a 23 year old female. I was raised a catholic, i've always been more spiritual then religious though. Anyway I started talking to a guy one night and needless to say we got along and were compatible, Everything was going great, we met and he seemed chill. We ended up getting intimate and afterwards he told me that he had a wife. He also informed me that she knew about me and wanted to meet. I met her and she was amazing and gorgeous and not at all what i expected. I am open to a poly amorous relationship i just don't exactly know what the next step is. I am just looking for other people to talk to who have been in this lifestyle and could just maybe be here to talk to.

Thank You
Hi, welcome to the board. I don't have much to add to what pulliman said. However, are you even bisexual? Did this guy determine you were before having sex with you, so he was thinking, aha, fuck this chick, get her hot for me and then, see if she'll also be willing to have hot 3some sex with me and my wife?

Sounds like trickery to me.

See, this is why I don't fuck on a first date. I like to carefully screen new potentials. First, determine they are probably not an ax murderer. Then find out, ARE they married? Are they dating others, or do they have a serious gf/bf already? Who do they live with? What is their STD status, when were they last tested, have they had multiple partners since their last test, do they have herpes?

Has this guy told you you've got to agree to have 3way sex or he will dump you? Then they are definitely unicorn hunters, and you should run far far away, fast. Nothing turns me off more than being expected to have sex with someone's partner, just because THEY want 3somes.
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