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Default Kids

Today was one of "those" days.
Spicy called me during class (no phones on in class so I had to call her back after) to tell me that her husband asked for a divorce.
It's only been a month since they were in "OMG I LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH" mode. So I KNEW that SOMETHING was up.
I also know-her dad and stepmom JUST moved in with them a week ago (from the opposite side of the country). Tiny house, 4 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats and the parents also brought their 2 dogs.

So-I talked briefly with her-but she wasn't in the frame of mind to talk.
I texted him and told him I wasn't trying to get in his business, but when Little P was conceived, he became family. NOT when they got married (which was much later). That if he needed to talk, I'm here and that won't change regardless of their dynamic.
He responded and we made a date to go to coffee Friday because he's having issues with depression (he asked). He thanked me for treating him like family and said he really appreciated it.
The kids a GOOD kid. But his family is a piece of work and he really has NO CLUE how to deal with emotions (good or bad) because in self-defense he shut off emotions when he was VERY young due to the drama at home.
ANYWAY-sounds like he is just overwhelmed by everything (not shocking at all) and needs a friendly ear-but doens't know who is safe to talk to.
Hopefully I can help with that Friday.

THEN-Sweet Pea's NEW girlfriend's parents introduced themselves to me at the gym tonight. I mentioned that I had seen her on fb. Mom says "she's on fb?". OOPS!
I totally forgot that MOST teens don't talk to their parents openly and honestly about..... well pretty much everything. EEK!
Apologized to Sweet Pea for evidently getting his gf in trouble (she's currently avoiding talking to him) ahhh the joys of being a teen in your first "loving" relationship.
He told me (on our way home). "The last two weeks (amt of time they've been dating) already seems like forever, a wonderful forever. But don't worry mom, if it ends, even though 2 weeks of misery will seem like forever of misery, I won't do anything stupid. I know when I'm 30 it will be only a blink. So I will just take my frustrations out by cutting down some trees and splitting wood for the fire."
What a smart boy.

I am SO DAMN GLAD I AM NOT in the "dating scene" right now! SHEESH.

GG and I are still working through our troubles. But there is something nice about knowing that it's JUST a trouble and troubles are temporary.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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