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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I'm pretty good at keeping my freak outs off the internet. So point taken there.

As for the baby stuff, that makes us all feel crazy and out of control. One day you will sleep again and then it all gets easier to cope with (note I didn't say easier, kids continually change and provide brand new and interesting challenges).

I'm on the mainland last week of February for work and I'd love to see you guys and meet the new little one. I miss you guys too!
If you can make it out to Langley the Family and I would love to see ya. We could try to arrange a visit to the city, but thats more difficult with newborn etc.

Plus thats when the other newborn should be due.

I am just looking forward to when I become more useful then a diaper changing wifey feed machine. Right now all I can do is make sure she is fed, sleeping and feeding the baby... so feeling kinda useless. haha
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