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No, I wouldn't say my buddy has intentionally picked out women who bring drama and craziness, Galagirl. I think he has been attracted to emotional women who tend to open up to him a lot, quickly, and perhaps people like that tend to be on the loony side. I'm like that myself and I think that is why we are such good friends, except I'm not loony (I hope). He also has historically been attracted to women who pay him a lot of attention and are willing to spend a lot of time on the relationship, right off the bat, so that would encompass people who tend to get obsessive and spooky. Does that make sense?

You make a good case for not actively pursuing a friendship with her. He can't avoid her completely since they have a couple of social circles in common, and I don't think he wants to do that, but he can at least steer clear of hanging out with her in a situation where she could cross his boundaries.

Thanks for your input, and for yours too, YouAreHere.
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