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It is actually her husband.

It will be an interesting Birthday, but should be fun regardless.

This weekend though I am pretty sure the only sex will will be having will be most likely with Pamela Handerson, or Rosy Palm and their friends.

It is interesting because the first time I engaged in sexual activity with this woman was the morning after being drunk. I remember having a party at my place, and we were all drunk. So drunk that the idea of going down to the beach without securing the food first sounded like a good idea. Freaking racoons ate my steak that I had smoking all day.

Even though I was drunk I still had the presence of mind to know that she wouldn't have wanted it to happen like that, so I let her sleep in my bed while I slept on either my floor or my couch I don't remember that much. I think someone else was crashing on my couch. A rule of my parties if you drunk you stay.
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