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Smile Why thank you!

Thank you for the welcome. Yes I'm not sure If I posted to this forum or not back in the day, but it was so long ago I thought a new hello would be alright.

Thank you for all the information too- the links to the master thread are particularly interesting, as I never read that one! I didn't delve in here a lot before as I previously felt so much guilt surrounding my bi-poly nature I didn't freely exspress myself this way. Much soul searching has happened since then!

I notice in your profile you are ex-mormon as well, I suspect mormon debates and conversations are in the future? How is the Poly-fi V going? I'd not mind being in a V myself, but I am not too bothered either way, as I am happy with what I do have so far!

I love seattle washington, I lived there for quite a few years, went to Uni out that way... Very forward thinking city!

I am not sure what help I would need other than, well the whole point of this venture for me to open and broaden my social circles both online and the real world. And although my real life is filled with a lot of lovely amazing people, I have yet to include poly people into this mix. I'm working on that! It's finding you all first?!?! lol.

I would be greatly honored to add you to my friends list and maybe discuss all things poly?

Anyways, thanks again for the welcome and I will keep you all informed how the dating scene goes with the one I am with right now.

Nicole aka starlight1
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