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Greetings starlight1,

I see that you pre-date me having joined the site a few years earlier than myself, so I'll not try to be an "official greeter" so much as an "official reiterator."

It sounds like you are working out a new poly chapter in your life, and in the process of explaining to your current partner what polyamory means to you and what you are looking for. I think you'll be able to get things figured out with him a little bit at a time.

I'm usually good about following up on Intro Board posts, so if you post on this thread you can always expect to hear back from me (probably others too). Also you can get good feedback when posting on just about any board, so whatever thoughts/questions/concerns arise, don't hesitate to field them.

A couple of links to keep handy (though you're probably already familiar with them):
And there's many others. Just let me know what would help!

Glad to meet you here,
Kevin T.
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