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So I took a break from writing for a few days. I was really trying to think things through.

Everyone at my house has the flu right now.

Let's see. I had a crazy day last week where I had 3 dates in a row. The first guy was like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. He didn't look like him, but he was him in every other way. Lives an hour and a half away. We have a 99% match on OKC. He can only see me maybe twice a month though, and I've got that already with B, so I stopped talking to him.

Date 2 had a leather jacket and a fauxhawk. Gawd. He actually said to me - "Do you know how I keep calm during first dates? I just look at the chick and imagine to myself, she has already sucked my dick and she LOVED it. That's all I do. Works every time." Yeah. He was super hot but, uh, no thanks.

Date 3 was with A because I was driving back through his town on the way home. We had dinner. He was kinda taken aback when I told him I had gone on dates. Later I messaged him and told him, listen, we haven't said anything about being girlfriend-boyfriend, you haven't gotten your STD tests yet, I can't just sit around waiting for you to decide what kind of relationship you want. He agreed that this was fair. We split a few days after that. It was amicable, actually. He is still sweet and cute but it is very clear that both of us were kinda content to leave it in the friendzone.

B is still messaging me lots and being very attentive. I was supposed to see him Saturday night but I was feeling not so healthy at that point so I called it off. He messaged me today, very concerned about me. He's being sweet. I still really consider him more as a FWB at this point because I don't feel like he is a boyfriend since he is a crazy workaholic and I would go nuts if he was my only outlet. That said, he is more than a FWB though, since we do go on dates and hang out and do more than just have sex. I guess I will just call it FWB+ at this point. Anyway, we're good.

Last Thursday I had a date with J. He's exactly one hour away. I drove out to have dinner with him - we split the bill. I had been talking to him for quite a while on both OKC and texting. He's funny, and sweet and very attractive. Seriously, I MELTED when I first met him. Not since D have I felt that kind of instant connection. I am not just talking sexually, but on all levels. It was like, hello there, I think I know you. His smile just lights up everything. We closed down the restaurant with all of our talking. He hesitated when going in for a kiss though, so I gave him a big hug goodbye. Later I teased him about it and he gave it right back over text.

J drove out to see me last night, and we again closed down the restaurant with our talking. He shared SO MUCH about his past and his life with me. It was pretty awesome to have all that honesty right up front. He was so fucking sweet too. Oh, and ABSOLUTELY the best kisser ever. OMG he lit me up. I wanted to pull him into my van get to freaking but instead I said goodnight.

He wants to see me again, so I think I am driving out his way on Thursday. I am trying not to be too squee over things, but he is absolutely awesome. Let's see, he has dark curly hair, is the exact same height as me and is currently single. We have a 91% match on OKC. He has been the third in an open relationship before, but never really practiced poly. That makes me a bit hesitant, but not much. He is just such a great person and guy. He just gives off this vibe of shy sweetness that parts of me just REACT with on a subatomic level. I am determined to pull back a bit and not just fall head first into things but it is SO difficult when he makes it so easy. OMG though he is cute, cute, CUTE!
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