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Default Date Nights and Exploration

GG blew me off for the Thursday night date he scheduled with me. No call, no show. I was unimpressed. We had plans for 5:15. He got home about 8, went straight to Sour Pea to get her ready for bed and spend an hour reading to her. Not one word to me.
I got an apology Friday.

Friday night is usually Maca and I's date night. But he has been struggling with pain in his neck (and trying to work through it). For those of you who remember my neck issues, he's got the same issue, but it looks like the disk below (C5-C6). He's trying to avoid surgery right now (I think mostly because it scares the shit out of him). Anyway-he got home from work about 3 and passed out cold in bed. I let him sleep. By the time he woke up, it was close to time for Sour Pea to go to bed. We decided to just stay home and chill.

After a day of rest on Saturday, Maca decided he wanted to go play the dart tournament. He invited me to join in, but I declined. I was in a quiet "at home" mood.
I watched a movie with Sweet Pea. We cuddled and talked about his girlfriend (first girlfriend for my baby boy) and relationships, expectations etc. He did most of the talking. I just answered questions. It was REALLY nice. We don't get as much time together just the two of us as we did before Sour Pea was born. I treasure them and I treasure the way he confides in me and asks me for advice and suggestions about things lots of teens flat refuse to discuss with their parents.
After the movie he went off to text with the girlfriend. I curled up in bed and read another chapter in The Wheel of Time book I borrowed from him. I was 10 pages from the end when Maca walked back in. Soooo, maybe I will finish it next week lol.
Maca had fun. Met some people. Played (and lost). He said he was nervous (he's really not a social person) but was proud of himself for getting out there on his own.
We curled up in bed and talked for a few before I went to sleep next to him while he watched a movie.
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