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I mean part of me wonders if you see how people treat relationships. Are humans really supposed to be monogomous, or is monogomy just a construct of religion as a way of supressing the masses. If you see how many people get married, divorced, and remarried multiple times you have to wonder if we are truly made for one man one woman relationships.

The only reason I am looking into the polyfidelity model is because it was recently presented to me from a friend, ex gf, and someone with whom I share a deep and very strong connection to. Now while she isn't exactly expressly asking me to join her family, she has suggested I would be a good fit for the poly family she is trying to put together.

While I have previously never before thought about a Poly relationship my interest is peaked.

This will be a journey of self discovery, and may open up a world to a whole new evolution of myself.

Another thing about me. While I have not had an experiance with another male I do have tendancies to have fantasies that involve men. Although it is strange in my latest fantasies it has been all about me pleasing others, and never really got around to thinking about the gratification of myself.
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