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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
There are of course traditions (Taoist, Tantric etc. etc.) that see this whole subject in a very different light indeed. They posit that it is possible to generate and exchange sexual energy with another person without even touching them, much less getting naked.

Viewed this way the whole issue of being a virgin is simply a definition of what bits have been in contact where and when, and have nothing to do with 'sex'.

As for love, well, it's unlimited, no? It's just a question of who we want to express it with. One, two, many, to each his/her own.

<soapbox on>

The taboos and issues regarding PiV seem to me to mostly centre around health and safety (quite rightly), moral/social/cultural norms together with a healthy dollop of sex-negative programming from a patriarchal system that views women's sexuality as something that needs to be owned and controlled.

The fact that both men and women buy into this is at the root of a great deal of the misery and unhappiness in the world. It makes sexual attraction a commodity and leads to the 'buy this and you will be fulfilled and happy' mindset, rather than just simply allowing people to appreciate who they are and share that lovingly with others.

</soapbox off>
I agree and it's not just with this, it's the tendency to often 'label' every thing in a very limiting and restricting way, an example would be: 'men' and 'women', we or many of us now know there are more than 'men' and 'women' kind of people out there, nothing is any where near as 'binary' or 'only 1 or 2' as it used to be seen as, now whether it actually WAS 'binary' is an entirely different matter, but the point is that nothing is '1 or 2' any more, no more are we either 'virgins or not', a 'man or a woman', 'in love with person 1 OR person 2', etc., every thing is far more diverse and much more widely accepted as such now than in the past.~
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