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Default Starting with a hello

Hello folks,
I am a poly-intrigued/poly-curious college student. I am wanting to get to know more about poly community for a few reasons.
One being for myself, upon learning of polyamoury I have been drawn to more and more knowledge on the subject and it has become to feel more and more like something I would be interested in perusing as part of my life.
I also come to this forum with lots of questions. At my college I am on the executive board of the Queer Student Union who co-sponsors and event yearly called 'sextival' it is a one day event in which students can come and explore all different things about sex, sexuality, romantic orientation, gender, and so much more. I am wanting to sponsor a table about Polyamoury but I don't know where to begin with resources/a knowledge to share with my school. So if anyone knows a place where I can find tabling resources (ie brochures/handouts) or has any ideas of information that is must have within a trifold about polyamoury, I would gladly take the advice.
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