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VERY interesting responses thus far guys and girls. I love it. This is all so awesome.

What I have found is that there is no "hard" deffinition of "poly". So when one asks a question like this, it is hard to be inclusive of all involved. LOL But I think we are hitting it right on now.

See, the reasoning behind me asking is this; I don't know that a "poly" relationship between more than two people can last the test of time. I mean, to me, a "successful relationship", is gauged by time and happiness. You need both to be successful. One without the other is not a successful relationship IMO. My wife and I have been married to eachother for over half our lives now. We have had ups, and downs. However, when we involve others in our relationship, we are way happier with eachother. Unfortunatly, we can't seem to make our secondary relationships last longer than 2 years. This saddens us greatly, and we are beginning to think it is us...and not the others.
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