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Originally Posted by kamala View Post
Do you think that people that have been hurt, or cheated on/betrayed or themselves done the cheating and betraying, are those people more likely to turn to polyamory as a sort of resignation to this less than ideal part of human nature?
Everyone has been hurt. Most adults have cheated, been cheated on, or been the 3rd party, or there's at least been temptation or suspicions. There are a few lucky people who fall in love at a young age and manage to stay together and be monogamous. My parents eloped when Mom was 15, and Dad was 19, they were married for 53 years until Mom died, and since then Dad just complains about missing her and how he's waiting to die. They fought constantly, but they stayed married, and did not cheat on each other (although I know Mom got hit on a lot),

So, I think monogamy can work just fine, if 2 people love each other and are only really interested in each other (well, Dad did his share of really obvious looking, he'd comment on the waitress' ass when we were out to eat, but it's not like a cute 18 yr old was going to be interested in a grumpy old man.) Under the right circumstances, I'd be willing to be monogamous, I just don't find that probable.
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