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Default wonderboy

I met wonderboy (formerly ldr guy) last night. He helped me figure out his name for my blog. Damn I wish even a ldr would work out, not to say it can't but he knows he can't handle the emotional aspect of poly. I suggested, based on our conversations last night, he's a swinger or polysexual. Funny wonderboy was telling me stories of his life & women in his past, and in all honesty his needs with them were poly...meaning that each lady satisfied different needs of his.

Will my wonderboy & I ever see each other again? I don't know but he did say if the opportunity arose he'd want to. Damn how is it my luck I meet an individual who I really click with but is many many hours away?

And yes we had amazing sex last night. I already knew physically I liked what I saw from webcam & our live chats. And to be in person talking to each other, just awesome. Lol and he's 5'8-one of my preferences in a man is 6'. Yeah chemistry with an individual can make that "like" not so important. Our Okc match is I said to SG, wonderboy I could have not just a physical relationship with but an intimate emotional and intellectual as well.

Well the alarm is set for the early morning so I best get some rest, didn't last night.
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