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Originally Posted by JadeDoor View Post
I met with my caseworker from DCF today.

Apparently polyamory is illegal in my state. Who knew.... all those people who dated more than one person in high school while looking for "the one" were doing something illegal.

I was told I'm not allowed to date right now and that it would be good if I moved out of my house, which I said I'm more than willing to do. Since he told Amanda the same thing and she doesn't show any signs of leaving. He was at least happy to hear that I had a restraining order on my husband and planned to keep him away from me and my son.

This world has become quite interesting for me.
Are you sure the case worker wasn't talking about polygamy, not polyamory? Or is he talking about adultery and/or bigamy? I would ask to see the wording of the legal code for your state. Ask him specifically what he is referencing when he says that and where you can find it. Many states have their regulations and statutes online. Meantime, check out this thread here, maybe something posted there could be helpful: Legal links?

I also find it shocking that the caseworker said you are "not allowed" to date. How backward-thinking. Dating does not always mean sexual liaisons. Still, it's a good idea to "behave" until the dust settles.
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