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Originally Posted by Nadya View Post
Of course I am not the OP and cannot answer for her sake. In my mind I read the sentence "I don't enjoy sex outside of committed relationships" and then it made more sense. Sounds like the OP could look up the term demisexual - maybe that would apply to her? Not trying to label anyone here, just giving food for thought.
That is exactly what I meant! Sorry for being confusing. Still learning the lingo so to speak. Edited the post, hope it makes more sense now.

I did look up demisexual, super fascinating! I don't feel like a demisexual as I definitely have strong sexual urges/attraction to people without "knowing" them but I never find acting on it as satisfying as it is in my imagination. However, if I'm in a committed relationship with them or I can tell it's heading in that general direction - bedroom fireworks!

That said, "Too Much Imagination" could probably be the title of my autobiography. Appreciate the advice and experience sharing greatly as I wander around this part of my psyche. Kind of nice discovering something possibly new about yourself - around this age I thought I knew myself pretty damn well.

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