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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
Now I'm a little confused. Do you fantasise about a non-sexual MFM Vee or are you using a definition of "monogamous" with which I'm unfamiliar?
Of course I am not the OP and cannot answer for her sake. In my mind I read the sentence "I don't enjoy sex outside of committed relationships" and then it made more sense. Sounds like the OP could look up the term demisexual - maybe that would apply to her? Not trying to label anyone here, just giving food for thought.

Oh, and yes, I am in an MFM Vee relationship, too. We are not poly-fi. I am rather a relationship anarchist, at least in theory, and in that sense won't close my relationships for the possibility of future partners. I feel polysaturated, though, and at the moment have decided not to pursue any new relationships. I appreciate my life as it is and wish to maintain balance and well-being of everyone involved. My guys are free to look around if they wish, and CJ is doing that more or less actively.
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