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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
Sounds like you don't really want a poly relationship; you want to be spoiled by two men for a weekend? Why not just advertise for that on FetLife or similar? And not worry about the burden of being two people's full time partner.
In theory this sounds awesome but it wouldn't really work for me as I don't enjoy sex outside of committed relationships. It's funny, I wasn't raised conservatively at all but that's what fulfills and gives me the most pleasure mentally/emotionally/physically. I really need a strong emotional bond with the person to let loose and enjoy myself.

I tried to watch some MFM pornography about this type of situation but it was actually quite off putting. In the first one I saw the woman was sort of being "used" like a piece of meat with absolutely no regard for her experience/pleasure. The other one I saw was a cuckold video and the way the man was being degraded made me uncomfortable as well as some racist undertones. Neither was a turn on for me personally.

Maybe I'm just too vanilla but it my imagination the experience is more sensual and friendly. Maybe what I am imagining just doesn't exist - only time will tell.

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