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Thanks everyone for the replies and thoughtful advice. It's kind of funny, had a Homer Simpson D'oh! moment as I read some of them - seems so obvious now you'd have to be open to this sort of thing and just put it out there. Not sure what I expected - two men to magically appear on my doorstep ready to "cultivate this type of situation"???? Kind of had to laugh at myself for a moment - thank goodness I don't take myself too seriously.

Still not sure if this would be right for me, but then again I've always seemed to be better at knowing what I don't want rather than what I do. If it happens, it was meant to be I suppose. I like to think things over a lot before I make any moves so I will keep researching, and mucking about my thoughts/feelings. I've always admired people who have a gut instinct and can just go with it. But that's just not me.

I shared my thoughts about my imaginary MFM Vee with a close and rather conservative friend. She is now jokingly referring to me as "Lady Heffner." She actually said she thought it was cool. People never cease to amaze me!

Enjoying all the blogs - kind of neat to know so many people have great lives and experiences off the traditional grid.
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