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What I don't get is how you are OK with your man loving someone else? He doesn't want this to be the end of us, but how can he justify putting me in this position? I have to make a choice. He gets loved no matter what I decide. Can I settle for this, can I compromise my life, can I understand this and be more than OK with it? I have to be better with it than just 'OK'. The thought of walking away is sickening (literally). The thought of gutsing it through the weekend, the long is also sickening (literally). I keep thinking, if he really loved me he wouldn't hurt me this way. I want to understand and try to accept before I condemn it. But I don't get it yet and my acceptance level is non-existent at the moment. Is being poly something you are born with like blue eyes or being gay or straight? Is it learned behavior? Is it an aversion to commitment?
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