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Ok, I realize you likely did not mean to do so, but I read this as saying that those of us who are ok with sex on the first date are emotionally not as evolved or as sensitive as those who don't fuck right away. Women who fuck sooner are not soul-less or value their soul less.
Not at all! My comment:
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There's nothing wrong with admitting that the "soul" gets involved for some of us during sex.
"Soul " is in parenthesis because it was a reaction to someone else's comment:
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 It isn't like you give a little bit of your soul to every guy you fuck.
I wanted to acknowledge sometimes it FEELS like yeah, you do give a bit of yourself away, not because of stupid religious notions, but because you're profoundly physically vulnerable during sex, at the mercy of many sex-induced chemicals, and you DO give your energy to that other human being, be it your first date or your fiftieth.

Of course sluts have souls
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