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Default Our Journey

Howdy All.

This thread makes my happy. Honestly this forum needs more content about success.

I am a 40 something male in a mfmf quad which started 18 months ago. I love to learn and share experiences and so far, I am the only one in my tribe who wants to do that. :-)

For the past 22 years my wife and I have been exceptionally happy together. We have a wonderful family, we are financially secure, healthy, and very loving towards each other. Absolutely nothing to complain about. We have lived a perfect and happy monogamous lifestyle.

Then 18 months ago we fell into a intimate relationship with our very best friends totally unexpected one evening (the other couple are also happily married). We thought we were all completely nuts, scared at first but something about it seemed right and comfortable. The next several months was a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. All of us had challenges overcoming jealousy and possessiveness at different times. But each time we stumbled (sometimes stumbled hard!) we quickly got over it and moved the relationship forward one step at a time, sometimes giant leaps.

Now after 18 months things are absolutely wonderful, loving and supportive. Our families are always together. We share everything, we all have open and transparent communication, kindness and respect. Everyone feels that they have personally improved during this process.

Going through these dramatic changes together, developing together, made this work. It wasn't easy but I cannot imagine my life being any better or more fulfilling as it is today.

Thanks everyone just wanted to share some happiness :-)


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