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Default Karma is a bitch

Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Do you think maybe there is a feeling here that somehow by sleeping with the F*ckwits you are rewarding them for bad behaviour? Because I tell you one thing, that is how I felt by reading Scarlet's post, like well great, he didn't get rewarded that night the f*ckwit.

I don't want to sound precious about sex or anything and if you really want to sleep with someone and you don't care whether you see them again or not that is fine, but I just hate the idea of really disrespectful tossers being enabled in their behaviour.

Perhaps if we just stopped sleeping with the f*ckwits they will adapt their behaviour?

Or am I being too idealistic?
Idealism is a always good thing, Natja. But here's the thing for me - sex is not a reward for good behavior. I only dispense treats for my pets, not my lovers. Sex is a way to connect with other people - sometimes long term lovers, sometimes not, in my case. And sometimes that connection does not go well, they don't 'deserve' it in the end, we're not compatible, etc.

I firmly believe that people will receive what they give out. So the assholes who treat women disposably? Who fuck women and then say they are not good enough in some way? Maybe they end up alone. Maybe their relationships, if they manage to have any, will be shallow and of poor quality. We make our own hells. They are busily building theirs. They will get theirs. (Note we may never see the results.) Not fucking them doesn't fix their issues. Fucking them doesn't fix their issues. So do what one wants, what best fits one's emotional, spiritual, physical status.

Sadly, the Lysistrata option doesn't work except in the theater.
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