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I ask this in all seriousness and if it is not useful to you, cheerfully ignore it.

I can't figure out why you are upset about Ginger dating more people. I can tell you are certainly upset but I can't figure out why. This is NOT to say you shouldn't be upset or feel what you feel - just I don't have a handle on what the underlying issues are. Of course, you may have chosen not to write about exactly why this disturbs you so.

Are you worried about less time? Less attention? Feel less special? Worried about Ginger's ability to manage all his connections? Something else? All of the above and more?

Maybe Ginger does not fully understand either? Maybe you're kinda confused too?

I *so* understand being upset and angry about changes with partners - been there, done that, still there some days.

Regardless, hugs and support.
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