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Default Mf couple in eastern Oregon seeking female for life long partner

We are ages 31 and 32. We are new to the poly life, though we been talking about it for 2 years. We wanted to be ready. We have a lot of animals and two kids. We are very excited to finally be here. If you are looking for super models we ain't it, we have flaws. I'm insecure, and I do have bi polar so we definently want someone who is patient with my idiocy lol. I am bisexual, my husband is straight. I love both males and females. We want an open relationship that will grow and grow between the three of us. Like I said we do have two kids and pets. So we prefer someone whom is kid and pet friendly. we love the outdoors. And love to travel. Family is most important to us. I know I'm everywhere with this post, I'm just nervous. If you are interested to get to know us please let me know

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