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Ha, nycindie - be careful what you wish for

First fortnight of 2014 was a crazed smear of relationship stuff. How did we end up with the laundry in such a convuluted bundle? Pant legs tangled in bra straps, socks in the pillowcases and shirts buttoned into each other... fuck.

I wrote through some of the hardest parts, but am keeping it to myself for now.

What I like about having a plurality of intimate connections is it keeps me coming back to the only solid thing: myself, how I'm grounded.

Yes, we can support and care for each other. We can co-create, laze in hammocks with our eyes closed and dream visions together, build towers like we're children, block by wooden block til they're taller than any of us, taller than all of us combined, as high as we can reach together, balanced on shoulders, backs and knees. Or perhaps we're adults today, sharing the serious fun of engineers and architects, with one blank scroll and several sharp-pointed pens. We can make a poem that way, too.

But when it comes to responsibility, integrity and authenticity, when it comes to "staying true" to a path, the path is mine alone.

So we travel together. For a short while, a long while, or the end of our journeying? See how we go.

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