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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
That one confuses me too...I do NOT develop "feelings" for people easily (it's happened twice in my life - once with MrS, and again with Dude) but still considered myself poly even when I was with MrS (and various FWBs ). (To be perfectly honest, however, I can definitely experience "sexual attraction" for people that I don't have "feelings" for - which is not universal.)
It confuses me too. I don't at all understand why falling in love easily or not makes a difference to what relationship structure a person chooses to adopt.

I develop feelings for people very easily. I have crushes regularly and there are others who I just love.

I choose not to have poly relationships because I have doubts about my ability to fit that relationship structure into my life as it is now without having to compromise on my ethics.

Unless/until my life changes in a way that leads me to feel differently, I will continue to have monogamous romantic relationships and fall in love regularly.
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