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Life's been busy. I've worked so much in the last two weeks. 10 days straight, one day off and 40 hours in 3 days after that. Today I'm off and getting ready for the weekend road trip out of town. LDR guy and I get to meet tomorrow night. Yeah!!!

Had a date with a gentlemen (not quite) on Saturday night. He has said he's poly but during our conversation in reality he's more wanting to swing. The short amount of time during our date, sitting across from each other, he kept trying to touch my hand. He came over before hitting the can to give me a hug and tried to kiss me. Eww...we never even talked about that via texting and based on the conversation I just was not feeling it. I do need to learn how to be more tactful and say "i'm just not feeling a connection with you" but no, the final time, before I opened my mouth, he tries to grab my hand again and I just blurt out "I have to be honest with you, I'm not attracted to you". duh ali wrong thing to say. Dude went off on me, telling me I'm some number and he bets I do this to everyone I meet. I saw his pic (physically via pics there I had an interest in him and felt I couldn't write the guy off cuz of not feeling it via text etc) and thought why not meet someone claiming to be poly, as my other mono date guys didn't pan out, what's it going to hurt. He then proceeded telling me how he has no attraction to me and he can't believe I asked him to meet me at a dive bar (on that it was a suggestion from a friend and I had no idea what the bar was like...and seriously we met in his town he should have had an idea of where to go). So as he's going off I tell him "don't worry I plan to pay for my 2nd drink (I got there early and already paid for my first)" and he continued ranting at me, so I took one last sip of my 3/4 drank drink, walked over to the bartender, paid and left, with no word of good bye to him. I don't need to be chewed out just because I wasn't comfortable. And in all honesty I liked that dive bar, my kind of place.

He sent me a text telling me "goodluck and godspeed". Other things he never told me beforehand is he's in the middle of a divorce. That is not what I'm looking for, chaos and what an ugly divorce (based on what is happening and he cheated on his wife...not my style) so in addition for not feeling a connection he has too much dirty laundry. Oh well....

But I'm getting some experience at what dating entails. I realize this could be a long journey for me but in a few weeks I'll be working 6 days a week until April 15th, so any free time will be with family for now.
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