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So, that's something cool about the possibility of living together: living with Mya, and all that brings for us and our relationship. That's definitely something I'm looking forward to.

I'd also quite like to get to know Hank more, and living together would present opportunities for that.

I feel quite self-conscious when writing about the things I'm excited about relating to the upcoming change, particularly having to do with relationship things. I feel like I should make a note that just because I'm currently breaking up with Alec and we're starting separate lives doesn't mean that I haven't been happy and satisfied living with him. In many ways I have been. Just, less so, now. But yeah, he's excited about his future alone, so why shouldn't I be? It just feels different when I am talking about the things that I've shared with him and soon will share with other people, whereas he's planning to live alone, at least for some time into the future.

So, anyway.

I'm kind of excited about the everyday life aspects of living with Mya and Hank; relating to the people but also to the space and the fact that we'd have a three-adult household.

Like, boardgames and people to play them with! And other games, too, which can be shared. And whatever comes with combining resources: our household will have more of the fun things (like games) and also more of the practical things (I'll get to use the electric laundry dryer and dishwasher and I'm contributing towels and kitchenware).

And then there's the whole three people contributing to shared living costs and chores and all that. Which, I suppose, could be a potential risk - these are the things co-habiting people most often fight about - but with the people involved, I think it much more likely that it'll be mostly beneficial to everybody.

To be frank, we already have a bit of experience with some aspects of living together. With other aspects, not so much, but based on what I've seen so far... Yeah, excited about the possibility.
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