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What you are looking for is a tall order for your first foray into poly. There are fantasies, and there are realities.

First, you need to find ONE guy who is interested in YOU. Then he has to be interested in you having multiple loving relationships, but him only having one lover, and have the skills to be able to manage that.

Then, you need to find the other guy who is open to you already having a bf, OK with you being poly, and mono himself. Maybe the first bf has a good friend like this. Maybe not.

Then you determine if either of your hypothetical bfs is interested in MFM relationships. Then determine if they want MFM sex share, and MFM love share, with the men both being straight and only platonic friends.

Then make this happen: a poly-fidelitous V, where you have 2 sex partners, but the men are only allowed one sex partner, you, forever.

Tall order.

I realize since I know NOTHING about this lifestyle I might be romanticizing what it could be like. How do you all deal with balancing dual relationships and the jealousy that might arise? What is it like going out in public?
Not too many people here doing poly-fi MFM Vs. I can think of one out of dozens of regular posters. Lots of posts on jealousy, do a tag search.
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