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Living together with Mya has been, for such a long time, something that could happen at some point, but because it hasn't been a real possibility, I've focused on all the great aspects of our relationship as it is. We do get our relationship needs met, and there's so much that she brings into my life with her presence even when we don't live together.

However, I'm now allowing myself to think beyond that. And there's just so much potential! It makes me excited.

Right now we talk. A lot. That's the preference, for both of us. We need each other and want each other for talking. For sharing things that are going on in our lives, for getting and giving support, for processing and analysing things. As long as we get to talk, our relationship is doing great, that's why it worked really well even in long-distance.

But yeah, if we had more time, we could do other stuff, too! Sure, we do sometimes go to places and events and have sex and experience things together and watch movies and all that stuff that goes into a relationship. It's just, meeting twice a week, 70% of awake-time spent together is needed for talking, and another 20% may not be needed but we want to talk, anyway, rather than do something else.

So, now I'm thinking that, actually, I'd really like it if I'd have her in a bigger part of my everyday life. I'd love to talk to her about stuff that's going on with me as it's happening, rather than catching up when we meet (don't get me wrong - I like catching up! But it might be even better, etc.). I'd love to be there for her for support etc., a lot more of the time, and same goes the other way around. We could spread out the analysis/emotional support: right now it can sometimes be rather emotionally intense when we do see each other, particularly if both of us have difficult stuff to deal with. If more time, could balance that out with relaxing together and doing stuff and building things between us, in other aspects of our relationship. I suppose Mya and I have the communication covered, just, could do something else too.

Plus, besides the stuff that we already do but could do more often, there's also stuff that we could do together which just hasn't been a realistic option. We have our own, separate projects/hobbies in life, own creative/artistic interests. So far we've shared some aspects (e.g. she reads my stories), but we haven't had an opportunity to create something together. The separate things are needed, but with more time, more opportunity - who knows what we could come up with together, too?
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