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So last post was the rambling catch-up to where we are now. This post? The where-do-I-want-to-go-from-here. I'm not huge on New Year's Resolutions, but a list is a pretty good visual representation of changes I'd like to make, or continue. Where I can, I want to have a nice, discrete measurement rather than just saying "do this less" or "do that more".

So here goes:
  1. Start running regularly again. I'd like to be able to run another half marathon this year (and hopefully get P to the point where he can run it with me). Probably later in the year, so we're not training in the evil humid months. Oh, and use the damn treadmill when it's too gross outside!
  2. More water/tea, less soda. Maybe just move to two glasses/cans of soda a day at the most. It's usually workable during the week, but the weekends are what get me.
  3. Less booze. It's easy to lay off the soda and then pop a beer. Or a glass of wine. Wine is especially yum, so I drink more of it. Probably not the best. Aiming to fall within the "moderate drinking" guidelines of an average of one drink per day. It'll also make the grocery bills cheaper and will help me get up to run in the morning if I haven't ended the previous night with a couple glasses of wine (or the bottle, if I'm having one of THOSE days).
  4. Ease off the Facebook and the online stuff - hard to quantify, so I'll have to think about this a bit. I just find myself relaxing at night with the laptop and then doing absolutely nothing. I have plenty to do, and I'd like to actually do it.
  5. Read more - maybe a book a month would be a good start. I hate not reading anymore, except for here and there.
  6. More veggies, less starch - combine this with the next one:
  7. More home-made lunches and dinners. I've been improving on this, but once in a while, I end up buying lunch at the caf for a streak of days. And the caf food sucks. Take the time to use more veggies when I cook. Cut veggies up as snacks. That sort of thing. The easy stuff isn't the healthy stuff.
  8. Quit winding myself up about situations with P or M1 or whatever - I can roll scenarios over in my head repeatedly, to the point where I'm doing myself more harm than good. Time to work on embracing that "feel the emotions and then move on" philosophy discussed a few posts ago. Once I finally realize I'm chewing a bit too hard on something, and actually apply this, it seems to work. Saw a good "inspirational quote" on Facebook this morning (yeah, I usually don't care for them all that much ) that said, "Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem." I need to stop participating in my own emotional roller coaster.
  9. Get back into learning the keyboard/piano. At least three days a week for 20 min to a half hour each. We'll see where it goes from there.
  10. Quit dawdling in the morning, before work (again, less surfing online) - get out of the house by 7:30, not futz around until I get to the point where I have to get my ass in gear and hurry the hell up.

Okay, THAT should be enough. I distracted myself and the wood stove went out. D'oh. Off to heat the house!
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